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Bg-pin.gif Note: This template should not be directly used. It has only be created for documentation purposes.


There are a few pages on the Stock that have to be available in different languages (Main page, About page, etc.) Where this is the case, we create a subpage for each language. For example: Main_Page/en, Main_Page/fr, etc.

While logged-in users are automatically being redirected to the appropriate subpage (based on their language preferences), it's always good practice to offer the users a manual way to choose their language. This is the purpose of the Lang/xxx templates.

These templates are placed at the top the pages, and look something like this:

Edit a template

You can edit an existing template if a new translation is available for its corresponding page. Existing Lang/xxx templates are listed below:

Create a new template

You can create a new template if the page you have translated does not yet have a Lang/xxx template. Please always follow this naming convention: