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* {{License choice-You are the author}}
* {{int:License choice-You are the author}}
** Self-made-Wikimini | {{int:License choice-Self-made-Wikimini}}
** Self-made-Wikimini | {{int:License choice-Self-made-Wikimini}}
** Self-made-CC BY-SA | {{int:License choice-Self-made-CC BY-SA}}
** Self-made-CC BY-SA | {{int:License choice-Self-made-CC BY-SA}}

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  • If you are the author (you have made this image/photo yourself):
    • Self-made-Wikimini | I accept that my image/photo be used on Wikimini
    • Self-made-CC BY-SA | I accept that my image/photo be used on Wikimini and elsewhere (Creative Commons "CC BY-SA" license)
  • If you are not the author (but have verified that the image can be legally reused):
    • Use of this image is authorized by a license:
      • CC BY | Creative Commons "CC BY" license
      • CC BY-ND | Creative Commons "CC BY-ND" license
      • CC BY-SA | Creative Commons "CC BY-SA" license
      • CC BY-NC | Creative Commons "CC BY-NC" license
      • CC BY-NC-ND | Creative Commons "CC BY-NC-ND" license
      • CC BY-NC-SA | Creative Commons "CC BY-NC-SA" license
      • CC0 | Creative Commons "CC0" license
      • GNU | GNU license (GFDL, GPL, LGPL ou AGPL)
      • FAL | Free Art license (FAL)
    • Use of this image is authorized for another reason:
      • Public domain | The image is in the public domain (e.g. if its author died more than 70 years ago)
      • Special permission | The author of the image gave me written authorization to use it on Wikimini
    • Special cases:
      • Fair use | Fair use – applies to logos, book covers, film posters, video games extracts, etc.
    • Unauthorized:
      • Missing copyright information | I just found this image somewhere and I don't know its license